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Nationwide Woman Owned Industrial Equipment and Services注册银河国际娱乐网站

 including Automated Storage and Retrieval (AS/RS), Industrial Carousels, Vertical Storage, Conveyor, Warehouse Shelving and Racking & Material handling software technology.银河国际娱乐网站注册ip地址

While we are involved in every aspect of industrial & material handling equipment,  our specialties include automated storage and retrieval systems (as/rs), warehouse shelving and pallet rack, wire & metal shelving, conveyors, vertical storage, carousels, pick-to-light, flow rack, RF systems, and associated material handling controls. 银河国际娱乐平台-注册

We are an industrial engineering and material handling firm whose consulting services are offered with an emphasis on improving industrial resource management.

Information for Government Agencies & Subcontracting firms:

We have successfully done business with US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, as well as the National Guard, USGS, and NASA, to name a few.  Our relevant contract numbers are listed below:

423830 Industrial equipment and supply
423390 in plant office & mezzanine
238290 conveyor
SIC: 5084
duns number: 139436005
tpin: 86331012 
cage code: 37RC3
  • Our Mission Statement:

    We will provide solutions with appropriate technologies that facilitate the growth and prosperity of our clients.  By treating system solution synthesis as a process and not a product, we will strive to provide the most flexible business process support systems possible.  By overreaching the expectations, requirements and traditions of familiarity found in ordinary core competencies, we will lead our clients, peers and our industry as a whole to a greater good.

    Our Core Values:银河国际娱乐场注册

    •  The enrichment of people's lives will be embodied in our system solutions.

    • Our client's business processes will drive our systems solutions and never the reverse.

    • The technologies we employ will serve our clients first, and will be based on optimizing their operations, growth, and bottom line.

    Company Profile

    Vistamation, Inc. is headquartered in Southern California, with associates throughout the US and Canada.  We ship from warehouses spread throughout the US.  We are committed to offer industrial equipment/storage solutions while working with customers to provide the specific application solutions to meet their needs. Our engineers have been designing, installing and integrating a broad range of automated storage and retrieval systems for over 25 years, to Fortune 500 companies nationwide.  Our experience base includes aerospace, automotive, distribution, computers, electronics, government, health care management, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

    Vistamation, Inc. represents products and systems that are designed to increase productivity and optimize the use of cubic space, allowing companies to become more competitive in daily operations.  Our product line has expanded dramatically as a result of extensively researching the best product lines, and by keeping in touch with our customers needs.  We are not committed to one technology or solution.  We have no investment in a particular product type that causes us to promote one method over another.  Instead, we  are committed to finding the best solution for our customers, and are constantly updating our product lines and knowledge base to allow us to always put the customer first!

     Commitment to Solution Excellence

    Our commitment to excellence and awareness of product advances has given Vistamation, Inc. the opportunity to improve and enhance our offerings to our customers.  We pride ourselves in our ability to respond to customers needs by creating innovative, specialized solutions for almost any industrial management problem.

     Service, Support and Warranty Plans

    Vistamation, Inc. is known for its excellent service and support.  From analysis of your application to final installation, training and beyond, we act as your partner in developing a solution that will substantially impact your productivity and profitability.  Technical service and support is available from Vistamation, Inc..

    Main Address: 9416 Wakashan Ave Las Vegas, NV 89149

    Mailing Address: 1119 South Mission Rd #167 Fallbrook CA 92028
    Fax: (760) 284-5886
    Phone: (951) 303-2212
    Toll Free: (888) 884-0939

    Storage Shelving Packaging Workstations Systems Integration Industrial Workstations Links Vertical Carousels Pallet Rack Boltless Shelving Wire Shelving Mezzanines Conveyor Belt Pallet Rack & Shelving Archive Shelving Metal Shelving Horizontal Carousels Wire Carts Pallet Rack Mobile Wire Shelving

    Serving Clients in: Atlanta Baltimore Boston Chicago Cleveland Dallas Denver Detroit Edmonton Houston Lexington Los Angeles Las Vegas Miami Minneapolis Montreal New York Pittsburg Philadelphia Phoenix Portland Raleigh San Diego San Francisco Seattle St Louis Tampa Toronto Vancouver Washington DC银河国际娱乐平台-注册

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  • Fax:  (760) 284-5886
    Phone:  (951) 303-2212
    Toll Free: (888) 884-0939

Serving Industrial Equipment Clients in:银河国际线上娱乐注册 Austin, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Calgary, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, El Paso, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Edmonton, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Montreal, Nashville, New York, Oklahoma City, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio, San Jose, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St Louis, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC & Throughout the Known World.银河国际娱乐场注册